Introduction to Futuristic Naturalism

 Chapter One: The words that nobody has been able to say and be heard, yet they call it civilization.

First off, to be skeptical and think differently about life is not an attack on individual people who follow established belief systems. Secondly, by expressing the basis of my individual belief system, my purpose is not meant to be disrespectful to those who hold the God centered Judeo-Christian-Islamic world view dear. Our human family has a rich diverse cultural heritage full of myth, legend and history. If you have taken the time to read about your religion you must admit; God is not very nice. The fall of man, original sin and final judgment are not lessons conducive to humanity reaching our ultimate potential. To the contrary, what I am about to write is an expression of love for my family and my extended family, the entire Homo sapiens species, as well as all biological life forms. One thing certain about religion; it shows we are all aware of our mortality to one extent or another and we desire to be part of something immortal, everlasting. I’m offering ,I offer, give myself a spiritual option that has not been available before.


With the Jewish religion has come Jewish practices and culture. Their monetary system with it’s own 2000 year old hierarchy. They have us convinced that there is no alternative to abiding by their rule, there god, their reign of terror. It is my job to free the world from their dysfunction. Yes many have this unnatural unrealistic bogaboo so ingrained in their minds that they are unable to visualize any other moral religious faithful path of life. God centered meaning of life is almost genetic because alpha tendencies and flocking herding packing instincts appear inherent in mammals. Competition on an interspecies as well as competition with ofter species is even apparent in all animals, plant life and single cell colonies and life forms. We can now recognise that comptition and survival on a human speicies level including each individual is a factor of the existence of our lves that can no longer be overlooked.


People lived independently of the Judeo-Christeo-Islamic god and their money for thousands of years. In fact they destroyed much of our cultures so we will never know our heritage to the extent each ethnic regional family had recorded it.


Even people who gain a great deal of personal material belongings and wealth from controlling the monetary system are enslaved by it. They are overtaken by the complexities of money to the point that other enjoyable and healthy activities of life are not partaken in or experienced.


The only time I have to tell you all how much I love you is while we are alive. We are multicellular biological creatures in a vast multidimensional physical realm laced with interconnected

phenomena such as matter, time and energy, with biological existence dependent upon all the inorganic forces combined. Supernatural existence will have to be scientifically provable and detectable for it to be real. To become aware of an energy or become part of a force that exists simultaneously in all time space and matter. The properties of god if god were real. Probability of an extra-physical existence is increased with the amount of time we live as a species. Time is not absolutely linear. In example scientists agree that when we look at distant stars and galaxies what we are seeing at any given moment is delayed by the speed of light. Eternity must be infinite in other words time space and matter will always exist in it’s realm. Other than religious texts, we have no proven dependable provable connection to the physical realm let alone anything beyond it. I cannot tell you for certain that any eternal connection or even anything beyond the physical realm does or does not exist. Our individual intelligence is limited and our collective intelligence while limitless in potential is almost nonexistent when you realize as a collective we are mathematically comparable to mold on petri dish Earth or living in a finite biosphere size fruit fly jar. Until we actually prove ourselves, actualize something different, something beyond, there is no god, no eternal connection. Increasing the longevity of our existence as a form of biological life, increases our chances of supernatural, extra-physical existence and connection. “Never ending philosophy of life.” Worship probability and potential of life rather than submit to a god centered world view based on submission.



Along with law and order brought unto humanity through religion and theocratic based governance; the establishment also indoctrinates people to accept very human kings and modern day masters who use the monetary system to lord over the majority. I believe lessons of submissiveness taught to the masses allows the greediest power lusting people among us to rise to positions of wealth and authority, this has been proven historically accurate time and time again. In fact there are provisions in established religious and quasi-secular hierarchy allowing some who profess belief in God to choose themselves to not be subject to New Testament commandments such as: treat others as you wish to be treated, the least among us shall be our masters and love your enemies. In other words despite such lessons, we are living in a societal structure that rewards infinite greed, monetary system monopolization and war profiteering. Instead of hunters and gatherers left to forage independently when the hardest workers got more, nor even as agrarian workers organized by the farm owner who realized he must care for and gain the respect of his slaves to be successful; we are lead through a corrupted monetary system and outdated economic theories of infinite growth to the point of destroying the entire biosphere of our planet to achieve what? To fall off the fiscal cliff of illusion.


While I am as helplessly enslaved to this system as anyone in their monetary realm, I have freed my mind, my spirit, from the mental slavery herein defined. Instead of seeking meaning of life from the past, I see it in our future. Original sin and end of times rapture are not conducive to a cooperative effort toward the health well being and longevity of the whole of humanity. I believe we came into existence through scientifically proven billions of years of geological time rather than by the slight of hand of a patriarchal deity, men so obviously fashioned after themselves. Rather than dying in hope of becoming a second seat harp player in heaven, I live being part of the physical universe becoming infinitely aware of itself. Once we shed ourselves of the false hierarchy of infinite greed we have a chance of reaching our true potential as eternal beings connected to all time, space, matter, energy including any possible supernatural existence simultaneously. For now I call this philosophy of life “futuristic naturalism”. By the United States Constitution we owe the international bankers nothing, they owe us our freedom.


There does not need to be a final judgment day end of the world which relative scientific meaning certainly translates to extinction. Alternatively I believe in the infinite potential of the universe and humanity’s ability to collectively connect with this potential. We are each here to take part in the universe becoming aware of itself. This enlightenment is not a mere gift given to us through supernatural mystical means; we have to actualize the process. We have to lesson the probability of our extinction which is always there waiting for believers in such negativity. If we were already saved into eternal existence what would be the value of our lives? It is obvious we each have a lot of meaningful work to do to save ourselves from extinction. I want to be part of the revolution and transformation of humanity into a species that is aware of what we are doing and our potential on species inclusive level. Once I have freed my mind from this psychologically dominating final judgment syndrome and began working toward my personal goal; I feel what I call a DVD of life affect. In other words words I experience increasing moments where I feel connectivity on a grand scale.

If you are happy believing as you do stay with it, we are not meant to be or think exactly same in fact nature has it exactly opposite of the concept of a singularity, one creator. I recently heard the old saying that every snow flake is different, yes every snow flake that ever fell unto Earth through all time. I recently looked this up on line and found that scientists believe that do to the complexity of the way water molecules bond and variability of isotopes of it’s elements; it is theoretically impossible for any two snowflakes to be exactly the same.


It is obvious the owners of our media outlets don’t want us to think about the long term survival of our species. The survival of our species must be of more value than any god any concern. We are lead under the current hierarchy by the greediest among us. Once you feel the potential of collective heaven you feel as part of eternity in the present. To be part of all time you must first be totally connected to a single moment.


On our way through eternity, we, our species, are the best and strongest conduit, means which we are to be remembered. That memory is our eternal life, that is how every second is connected to all time. One moment and eternity will be the same once an infinitely small amount of time is fully occupied fully lived. The survival of our species depends on shedding this dark


This is my purpose, my job, my meaning of life. It does not matter if I am alone or just one of many who have came to the same realization who rise to the same mission. Although I embrace this philosophy of life, it is not mine. It is like a constitution, it is not a person it is an ideal. Nobody is the leader, the alpha, no president, no king, no god.


Spirit, even if it is just in the sense of a horse that refuses to be ridden, this mental act of deciding to take action, to have a belief system that determines our choices is spiritual.


About atliberty2

I'm against the International Bankster One World Government, monetary system monopolizing, war profiteering spawn. We need to over throw these inbred wasted sperm inhumane spunk. We need World Wide One Person One Vote Government NOW! I'm also an atheist anarchist pagan. In other words I believe the patriarchal mythical dude god is brainwashing indoctrination designed for you to voluntarily enslave yourself to their evil ZioNazi plot.
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