About World Wide One Person One Vote

World Wide One Person One Vote

A rational person, whether benefiting or being subjected to and owned by the system I am briefly defining here can research the internet and discover for certain that there presently is and has been a one world governing system in power for hundreds of years. What people refer to as the “New World Order” is nothing new at all. When the US government calls the Representatives of the Federal Reserve into a congressional hearing, the Federal Reserve(central bank) tells the Congress what they are doing, rather than the Congress telling the bankers what to do.

The secretive unelected life long members and rulers of the international world wide owners and controllers of the monetary system are only interested in their own power and wealth. It is historical fact that they have financed and profited from buying and selling to opposing parties of every war including the US Revolutionary war right up to the “War on Terror” resulting from the suspicious, possibly false flag, 9-11-01 attack.

Being a powerful international entity that owns and controls the monetary system of the planet, able to buy, sell and own nations of the people of the planet, no one nation alone, not even and including the United States, will ever be able to over throw them and gain real nationhood and independence from them. Many on the ‘left’, for lack of a better word; express many grievances and evidence of the damage rule by monetary monopoly, type of world governance, has cause to humanity and Earth’s biosphere. Yet no one has so far proposed a method through which the majority, being hard working, compassionate, individual having a natural capacity of love for persons and life that surrounds them; can overcome and remove such an evil system from power.

Never before the invent and implementation of the Internet, has an international world wide system of communication been available to a majority of humans. Therefore I propose the people of the planet work together to establish a World Wide One Person One Vote based form of world Government. I propose that the first order of business is to establish a Constitution a process which should take several years. This step is important so that the majority itself agrees to safeguard minorittes from being abused by laws and appropriations established by the majority. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights can be used as a model for such a world Wide Constitution. Even before this formation of a world peoples government, we can take action to remove the current elite monetary system monopoly form of world government from power. We will accomplish this through a world wide on person one vote referendum. The following is my proposal for the first such World Wide Referendum:

“We the people of the world demand that our system of exchange of our work, our goods and services, no longer be controlled by a small elite class of monetary system monopolizers who use the system for their own gain enslaving the people of the planet. We further demand that the officers of any such entity as important as universal means of exchange of goods and services be elected by means of popular world wide one person one vote.”

We can translate the following referendum into many languages and allow everyone to vote. I propose that we develop a computer program similar to the SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program that uses many computers to help process searching the sky for signals. We can mirror all the information to many sites so the operators and agents for the monetary system monopolizing elite will not be able to take down our system. This is just a brief introductory statement of the beginning of theWorld Wide One Person One Vote movement. Suggestions and any form of constructive participation are welcome.


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